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  Board Holds Forum on Medical Diagnostic Equipment

July 30, 2010

  Demonstration of accessible exam table

Jon Wells of Midmark Corporation demonstrates an accessible exam table at the meeting.

The Board conducted a public information meeting on new accessibility standards to be developed for medical diagnostic equipment on July 29. The full-day event enabled interested parties and members of the public to provide input on the approach to this rulemaking. The new standards, which will cover access to examination tables and chairs, weight scales, radiological equipment, mammography equipment, and other types of medical diagnostic equipment, are required by the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" signed into law in March. The law tasks the Board with establishing technical standards in consultation with the Food and Drug Administration within two years.

Board Member Gary Talbot, who is chairing this effort, Board Vice Chair Nancy Starnes, and staff lead David Baquis opened the meeting with an overview of the Board's rulemaking process, the regulatory steps involved, and a proposed timetable for completing the standards. This was followed by presentations and panel discussions on the legislative background, access barriers and solutions to medical diagnostic equipment, legal cases and settlements, industry standards, observations by health care providers and equipment manufacturers, and research and recommendations. The agenda also included a demonstration of an accessible exam table and opportunities for comments and questions from attendees. Presentations were made by experts and researchers in accessible medical diagnostic equipment, industry representatives, advocacy and civil rights specialists, liaisons from Federal agencies, and other invited speakers. Discussions explored the range of equipment to be addressed, access barriers to equipment, design challenges and solutions, reference standards, and other topics relevant to this rulemaking.

For further information, contact David Baquis at, (202) 272-0013 (v), or (202) 272-0082 (TTY).


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