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NIH launches new genetics education resource

High school students, teachers and anyone else interested in genetics now have a remarkable educational resource called GeneEd. Developed by the National Library of Medicine in collaboration with the National Human Genome Research Institute, GeneEd explores topics such as cell biology, DNA, genes and chromosomes. Read more

Dan Kastner

Horror Autoinflammaticus: Adventures in the Genomics of Inflammation

On September 7, NHGRI Scientific Director Daniel Kastner, M.D., Ph.D., presented the first lecture in the Genomics in Medicine Lecture series at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Md., describing the clinical features of autoinflammatory diseases. Video of that lecture is available now.
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Read more: The Genomics in Medicine Lecture Series

Live Video

Implicating Sequence Variants in Human Disease

Watch the Sept. 13, 2012 meeting from NHGRI's Office of Population Genomics: Implicating Sequence Variants in Human Disease. Workshop participants discuss guideline development for investigators, reviewers and editors to use to assess the evidence implicating sequence variants or genes in a specific disease.
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Letters of N H G R I in shape of trees and a DNA double-helix shaped cloud

Dr. Eric Green announces reorganization

At the National Advisory Council for Human Genome Research 66th meeting on Sept. 10, Dr. Eric Green, NHGRI director, announced the approved reorganization of NHGRI. NHGRI will restructure into seven divisions to better achieve its strategic vision, effective Oct. 1, 2012. YouTube videoWatch the video
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