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The Farm Service Agency (FSA) offers farm operating loans to farmers who are temporarily unable to obtain private, commercial credit. Operating loans may be used to purchase items needed for a successful farm operation. These items include livestock,... view more
The Farm Service Agency (FSA) makes farm ownership (FO) loans to farmers and ranchers who temporarily cannot obtain a loan from a bank, Farm Credit System institution, or other lender due to disaster and financial hardship. FSA also makes loans to be... view more
Farm Storage Facility Loans (FSFL) are provided to encourage the construction of on-farm storage and handling facilities for eligible commodities. Eligible commodities include: corn, grain sorghum, oats, wheat, barley, rice, soybeans, peanuts, minor ... view more
The Fisheries Finance Program (FFP) is a direct government loan program that receives an annual loan authority from Congress to provide long-term loans to the aquaculture, mariculture, and commercial fisheries industries. The program will finance up ... view more
The Farm Labor Housing Loan and Grant program provides capital financing for the development of housing for domestic farm laborers. Farm Labor Housing loans and grants are provided to buy, build, improve, or repair housing for farm laborers, includin... view more