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The Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO) administers and enforces federal laws and establishes policies that make sure all Americans have equal access to the housing of their choice. Learn more about FHEO.
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If you think you have experienced housing discrimination,complete the Online Complaint Form, or download the Housing Discrimination Complaint Form and mail, or email it to your nearest HUD Office .

Learn about the complaint process.

Email us or contact us at (800) 669-9777 and for the hearing impaired, please call TTY (800) 927-9275.


HUD v. Keith Duncan

HUD has charged an Akron, Ohio, landlord with violation of the Fair Housing Act when he advertised on the internet that a one bedroom apartment is “A very nice Apt for Single Guy Tenant…”
Read the charge
HUD v. Ann A. Wagner, Corey J. Anderson, Scott Terveen, Michael J. Terveen, and TK Properties, LLC

HUD has charged Sioux Falls, South Dakota, apartment owners and their employees with violating the Fair Housing Act by allegedly making discriminatory statements, harassing, retaliating against, and denying housing to an African-American family and the white tenants who came to the aid of the African-American family.
Read the charge
HUD Charges NYC Apartment Owners for Statements Against Blacks Moving into "White Neighborhood"

HUD has charged two Queens, NY, apartment owners with violating the Fair Housing Act for allegedly making discriminatory statements and objecting to an African-American roommate moving into a “white neighborhood.”
Read the charge
MFHS v.Georgian Manor Condo Association,etc.

HUD has charnged an Atlanta condominium association, a local real estate company, and its agent with housing discrimination for refusing to sell to families with children.
Read the charge | Press Release
HUD v. Joseph Trabaccone, etc.

HUD has charged two landlords and one tenant with housing discrimination based on familial status. Advertisement states, “No dogs or children.” Testing shows that the landlords and tenant refused to rent apartment to families with children.
Read the charge
Colon v. Bill, Wetherbee, etc.

HUD has charged a Rhode Island landlord and real estate company with violating the Fair Housing Act, for refusing to rent to families with children and for posting discriminatory ads to that effect on craigslist.
Read the charges | Read Press Release
Testing Shows Long Island Retirement Community Refuses to Allow Service Animals

HUD charged the owners and managers of a senior living facility in Long Island, New York, with refusing to allow service animals in violation of the Fair Housing Act. After learning of the facility’s very strict no pet policy, Long Island Housing Services, a nonprofit fair housing group, conducted three tests of the property. Each time a tester said he or she uses a service dog to assist with a disability, the manager informed the caller that no dogs were allowed.
Read the charge | Read the Press Release
HUD v. Mary Sue Brooks, etc.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has charged a Kentucky property owner and management company for housing discrimination. HUD has charged Jan Sexton, and Brooks Properties, LLC for allegedly evicting an African-American family following a series of break-ins because of their race.
Read the charge | Press Release
HUD v. Pinnacle Homestead Management, Inc.

HUD has charged three managers of the Pinnacle Homestead Management, Inc. Columbus Arms, Ltd, Columbus, Texas with violation of the Fair Housing Act based on race. The Complainant is an African American woman who lived with her four children in a two bedroom unit at the Columbus Arms Apartment. She was subjected to different terms and conditions from white residents. The Complainant received a notice of eviction because the number of people living in the two bedroom unit was over the occupancy standard. However, a white woman who lives with her four children in a similar two bedroom unit did not receive a notice of eviction.
Read the charge

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