Checklist: 6 things to do when you Get Medicare

  1. Fill out an "Initial Enrollment Questionnaire" (IEQ) so your bills are paid correctly and on time.
    • About 3 months before your Medicare coverage starts, you’ll get an Initial Enrollment Questionnaire (IEQ) in the mail. It asks about other health insurance you have that might pay before Medicare does, like group health plan coverage from your or a family member’s employer, liability insurance, or workers' compensation. You can also complete the IEQ online at
  2. Fill out an Authorization Form if you want your family or friends to be able to call Medicare on your behalf.
    • Medicare can't give personal health information about you to anyone unless you give permission in writing first. Fill out and submit an e-Authorization Form now in case you can’t do it later.
  3. Make a "Welcome to Medicare" Preventive Visit appointment during the first 12 months you have Medicare.
    • The free, one-time comprehensive "Welcome to Medicare" preventive visit puts you in control of your health and your Medicare from the start. Learn how it can benefit you.
  4. Sign up for, our secure online service where you can access your personal Medicare information 24 hours a day, every day.
  5. Choose and join a Medicare Drug Plan (Part D) within the first 7 months you have Medicare.
  6. Learn what Medicare covers.