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NIJ has funded more than 50 free or low cost software tools, apps and databases.

The catalog includes tools that can be used for digital forensics, crime mapping and analysis, finding missing persons, and more.

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Based on an NIJ-funded evaluation, an acoustic surveillance system used by law enforcement to detect, respond to, and investigate gunfire has been rated as a promising program on CrimeSolutions.gov.

To bring a stronger evidence base to sexual assault medical forensic examination, researchers and practitioners explored gaps in the existing research.

Read a summary of the research questions identified.

The forum was sponsored the Office for Victims of Crime and NIJ.

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Beyond Serving Time: Collateral Consequences

Being convicted of a crime has consequences beyond immediate legal sanctions. With funding from NIJ, the American Bar Association is creating an online inventory of the sanctions and restrictions previously incarcerated persons face. The Collateral Consequences website contains data for nine states; the remaining states will be added over the next year.

Explore the website Exit Notice.

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Body Armor

NIJ is conducting a Challenge: What if we could test the internal integrity of body armor while officers are still using it? What if we could safely extend its wear beyond the typical 3- to 5-year warranty?

Learn more about the Challenge and its prize.