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Thursday, Sep 27, 2012

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens after I submit my idea through

Your idea will be submitted to the Collaborative Forum for further consideration. You can participate in the Collaborative Forum at Ideas will be posted there for review and comment, and may be referred to a work group. For more information on participating in the Forum, please click here.

What's the difference between 'pilot ideas' and 'pilot concepts'?

A pilot idea can be just about anything: an example of a program innovation being put into use at the state level, an observation about a problem with a particular program, or a suggestion on how to bridge silos between programs.

A pilot concept is a formal proposal for testing an innovative idea that will address one or more of the Partnership Fund's four goals. It outlines, among other details, the innovation that the pilot would test, program(s) affected, expected outcomes– including costs or savings– and how pilot outcomes would be measured and evaluated. However, a pilot concept does not specify where the pilot will be conducted. If approved for funding, the lead Federal agency for the pilot concept will select partners for conducting the pilot.

Since a pilot concept doesn't specify where the pilot will be conducted, does this mean I should not submit an idea that is specific to my state/locality?

If your state/locality has been working on an innovative idea or project related to the Partnership Fund's goals, we strongly encourage you to submit the idea and to promote it within the Collaborative Forum. Though the Partnership Fund may ultimately agree to fund a pilot concept that comes out of your idea, a lead Federal agency will be responsible for selecting states or other partners to implement the pilot.

Is there a deadline for sending in pilot ideas or pilot concept proposals?

Pilot ideas may be submitted at any time through or The Partnership Fund plans to issue funding decisions for pilot concept proposals until our appropriated funds are exhausted.

What happens after a pilot concept proposal is submitted to the Partnership Fund for funding consideration? Do all proposals receive funding?

Though we expect to receive many high-caliber pilot concept proposals, the Partnership Fund cannot afford to fund every single one. There may also be other funding streams that better fit a particular concept. When a pilot concept proposal reaches the Partnership Fund, one of three things will happen:

  1. The proposal will be approved for funding. Funds will then be transferred to a lead Federal agency to administer the pilot.
  2. The proposal will not be approved for funding. Where possible, the Partnership Fund will either provide feedback for possible reconsideration or recommend other potential funding sources.
  3. A funding decision will be deferred. The Partnership Fund may defer a decision on funding until the next round based on other pilots being funded.