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Clinical Trials

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Find a Clinical Trial

Search NCI's list of 10,000+ clinical trials now accepting participants.

Learn About Clinical Trials

Information for all audiences about what clinical trials are, why they are important, and why people choose to take part.

Clinical Trial Results

Browse recent clinical trial results by type of cancer or topic.

Paying for Clinical Trials

Learn about insurance coverage and who is expected to pay for what in a clinical trial.

Patient Safety in Clinical Trials

Learn how the rights and safety of people who take part in clinical trials are protected.

Conducting Clinical Trials

Information and tools for investigators and research teams about conducting clinical trials, including registration and reporting. 

NCI Programs and Initiatives

Information about NCI programs and initiatives that sponsor, conduct, develop, or support clinical trials. Also, information about major NCI-supported clinical trials.

Research About Clinical Trials

Summaries of research studies of the clinical trials process. 

International Collaboration in Clinical Trials

Resources to facilitate international alliances in cancer clinical trials