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Supply Chain

Welcome to the

Sustainable Supply Chain Community of Practice

Bringing together government, industry, associations, non-profits and academic institutions to achieve more sustainable supply chains.

Sustainable Supply Chain of Practice

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Be a Champion


The Sustainable Supply Chain Community of Practice seeks champions from industry, academia and non-profits to lead each of the community market sectors. Do you know or are you a member of a leading edge organization that is implementing sustainable supply chain practices within one of the seven current community market sectors? If yes, nominate the organization as a Champion. Sustainable supply chain practices lead to cost savings, risk mitigation, increased competitiveness and innovation and an organization providing such leadership deserves to be recognized!

Click here for a description of Champion activities.

To nominate your own Sustainable Supply Chain Champion, please fill out our nomination form here.

Meet the Challenge


The path to sustainable supply chains starts with understanding the risks and impacts associated with your supply chain. Many organizations use Corporate Social Responsibility reporting as a way to identify, track and address these risks and impacts. Looking at your own practices, “How can Corporate Social Responsibility reporting increase supply chain sustainability?” Post your challenge response in the CSR Disclosure Forum conversation!