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Thursday, September 27, 2012
You are here: How Do I Get My Section 508 Questions Answered?
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How Do I Get My Section 508 Questions Answered?

There are numerous resources available to anyone looking for an answer to a 508-related question, including:

  • FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions is a common way to present a categorized list of topics with answers. This is a particularly good resource if you already have a good feel for the specificity of your policy questions.
  • Your agency 508 Coordinator: Your agency coordinator is a good resource for policy and procedure questions as your agency has established them as part of the agency’s 508 implementation program. Your coordinator is also a good resource for questions about Section 508 in general.
  • Help Desk Questions and Answers: These come directly from the 508 Help Desk and address very specific concerns and scenarios.
  • The Section 508 Blog: The Blog is a good resource to understand how many of the nuances of Section 508 are being discussed and resolved.
As always, if you have a Section 508 question, please contact the Section 508 Website help desk at for assistance.