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Next Reporting Cycle Begins In


  • Agency Review and Reconciliation:
    Effective August 2, 2012, federal agencies can review their recipient's final reports and either request recipient changes or the agency can sign-off on the final report, which will become part of the permanent record for the recipient's ARRA fund reporting. Instructions can be found in Chapter 17 of the User Guide.

  • Prime Recipient Reminder:
    Prime recipients must ensure that ALL sub-recipient awards (including those that have already been completed) are reported every quarter until the Prime's Report is marked "Complete and Final." All sub-recipient data must be carried forward through each of the reporting periods. Recipients can adjust their sub-recipient reports on their next filed report and on all reports going forward when necessary.

  • Correcting Prior Quarter Data:
    Recipients can request changes to prior quarter data via the Automated Change Data Tool (ADC). Instructions for submitting data change requests are found in Chapter 16 of the User Guide. As of June 15, 2012, the change request type "Other" will no longer be available.

  • New OMB Guidance:
    The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has revised their guidance relating to the aggregation of sub-awards and payments. OMB has re-posted the guidance document M-10-34 to reflect this change. OMB has also re-posted M-10-34 FAQs outlining the reporting responsibilities for recipients related to sub-awards and vendor payments.

  • Updating Your CCR Registration:
    If your organization updates its registration in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR), you must allow 3-5 days for the change to be reflected on Therefore, you must make the changes 5 days prior to reporting. The Point of Contact (POC) and address information are taken directly from CCR. When receives the change from CCR, the FRPIN and temporary password will be sent to the POC User.

  • When to mark your report "FINAL":
    By marking this report as "Final" you are indicating that this ARRA report meets OMB guidance for final reporting and that no further ARRA reports are required to be filed for this ARRA funded project/award. Reports marked as "Final" may be eligible for the Recipient Final Reconciliation Report pending Agency Final Review in the next reporting period.

  • Education Jobs Fund: is now accepting quarterly recipient reports for Education Jobs Fund awards. The reporting timeline for Education Jobs Fund is the same as the ARRA reporting timeline. To successfully submit an Education Jobs Fund report using Excel or XML, you must use the latest templates from the Downloads page. For more information, please see the Department of Education's ARRA Reporting Tip Sheet for Education Jobs Fund.

Top 10 Tips for

Award Recipients

Award Recipients are required by the Recovery Act to file quarterly reports on the status of their funds and respective project(s). will be available for reporting from the 1st to the 14th of July. Award Recipients will be able to comment on Sub Recipient reports following the reporting period.

All recipients (prime and sub) are encouraged to update their Central Contractor Registration information on at least 48 hours prior to reporting.

Continuous QA Timeline

Aug 30 – Sept 17 Continuous QA – Period 2.
Sept 18 Office of Management and Budget Review.
Sept 19 Data from Period 2 Published on

October Reporting Timeline

October 1 – 10 Initial Submission Period (Prime Recipients & Subs Enter Reports).
October 11 – 14 Extended Submission Period.
October 15 – 16 Prime Recipient Review Period (Prime Recipients Review Data Submitted by Sub(s) / Prime Recipients & Subs Make Corrections).
October 17 – 29 Agency Review Period (Agency Review or Data Submitted / Prime Recipients & Subs Make Corrections).
October 30 Recipient Reports published on

October Continuous QA Timeline

Nov 2 – Nov 26 Continuous QA – Period 1.
Nov 27 Office of Management and Budget Review.
Nov 28 Data from Period 1 Published on
Nov 29 – Dec 17 Continuous QA – Period 2.
Dec 18 Office of Management and Budget Review.
Dec 19 Data from Period 2 Published on

View a graphical representation of the reporting timeline.  Timeline of the reporting cycle PDF

How do I register as a Recipient User?

The following is required:

Go to Registration

How do I submit my report?

  • Online Web Form
  • Excel spreadsheet upload
  • XML file upload

If you submit with an Excel spreadsheet, you must use the Excel template. Similarly, if you submit an XML file, your report must conform to the XML schema.

When do I need to submit my report?

You must report by July 14.

Where can I get more information about submitting, viewing, commenting on, and updating reports?

Consult the User Guide or the list of Frequently Asked Questions.