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Posted by Kyle Moore, Missouri on August 16, 2012
"I was trying to think of something for lunch, and I found these [ingredients] in the fridge and spice cabinets," says Kyle, who recommends serving this pasta with a small fruit salad on the side. –Kyle Moore, age 12, Missouri Makes 6 servings  Ingredients: 1 pound linguine 3 tablespoons olive oil 2 garlic cloves, minced
Posted by Rachel Goldsmith-Levitt, Massachusetts on August 16, 2012
Posted by Samuel Hightower, Maryland on August 16, 2012
Posted by Annalee Carroll, Maine on August 16, 2012
Annalee’s family are big fans of sushi and dumplings, and decided to make them at home. “We make a large batch of dumplings and freeze them on trays so that they are a fast meal choice,” says Annalee’s mom, Marydale. They also make veggie sushi with carrots, cucumbers, and avocados. –Annalee Carroll, age 12, Maine  Makes 6 to 8 servings
Posted by Michael Prados, Louisiana on August 16, 2012
"I am the JR. Food Critic from Louisiana," says Michael. "I love to cook with my family and go on food adventures. We made up this fish taco recipe. You can see my other dishes at jrfoodcritic.com." –Michael Prados, age 12, Louisiana  Makes 4 to 8 servings  Ingredients:
Posted by Myka Smith-Jackson, Kentucky on August 16, 2012
"I was on the Internet, and was thinking, You know, anything can be made into a wrap. So I decided that I'd make a curry chicken wrap," says Myka. "For a side: sliced strawberries and a fruit and yogurt smoothie." Myka's recipe calls for grilled chicken, but you can use any kind of cooked chicken. –Myka Smith-Jackson, age 8, Kentucky Makes 2 to 4 servings
Posted by Alexander Aylward, Indiana on August 16, 2012
"These are my favorite foods, and we came up with this when we put them all together," says Alexander. "This is my actual lunch a lot of the time." While the recipe calls for grilled chicken, you can use any type of cooked chicken or even slices of turkey breast. Alexander likes to have this with milk and some blueberries or raspberries for dessert. –Alexander Aylward, age 8, Indiana
Posted by Elena Guylay, Idaho on August 16, 2012
Posted by Haley Matthews on August 16, 2012
Posted by Deborah Goncalves, Florida on August 16, 2012
“I came up with this lunch because my grandmother always made this for my mother and taught the recipe to her,” says Deborah. She likes to serve this with a baby arugula and greens salad with a blue-cheese vinaigrette and watermelon cut up to look like fries. –Deborah Goncalves, age 12, Florida Makes 6 servings Ingredients: 2 cups bulgur wheat
Posted by Jourdann Latney, Delaware on August 16, 2012
"My aunt introduced me to chickpeas, and I grow tomatoes and mint in the yard," reports Jourdanne. "This is a high-protein vegetarian lunch. I serve sliced cucumbers with this, and grapes or orange slices for dessert. Beverage choice is plain or flavored water or seltzer water." –Jourdann Latney, age 12, Delaware  Makes 4 servings
Posted by Betsy DaSilva, Conneticut on August 16, 2012
Posted by Sean Reichbach, California on August 16, 2012
Posted by Trey Sims, Arkansas on August 16, 2012
"This is one of Trey's favorite salads," says mom Carrie. "We serve it with a whole-grain baguette to get all of the food groups in. This is a great-tasting, healthy lunch that my kids enjoy because there are so many flavors and textures."  Trey likes this with raspberry vinaigrette, but a simple olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing would be delicious, too. —Trey Sims, age 12, Arkansas
Posted by Harrison Booker, Oklahoma on August 16, 2012