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Center for Delivery, Organization, and Markets (CDOM)


The Center for Delivery, Organization, and Markets (CDOM) provides a locus of expertise and leadership for research on health care markets, delivery systems, and organizations. CDOM's researchers serve as an interdisciplinary in-house team to identify emerging research needs, manage a portfolio of research grants and contracts, conduct and publish peer-reviewed research, and develop databases and software tools that can be used with the databases. These activities often are carried out in collaboration with others in the Agency and through partnerships with public and private decisionmakers outside of the Agency. The ultimate goal of the Center's work is to help improve the quality and efficiency of health care by providing evidence on organization, payment, delivery, and markets that decisionmakers need.

Research Portfolio

From a small but rich body of social science literature, we know that market dynamics, payment and other incentives to providers and consumers, and delivery system organization matter. Through 2 years of external "needs assessment" and internal planning processes, CDOM has developed a research portfolio that produces findings decisionmakers can tap to understand what the key market and delivery system variables are and how deliberate or unintended changes in these variables are likely to affect outcomes, quality, access, cost and use of health care. Four domains of research in the CDOM portfolio are:

  • Organizational behavior. How and why do organizations' behavioral responses vary, and what is the impact on quality, outcomes, access, cost, and use?
  • Delivery systems. How are delivery systems structured and organized to provide acute and long-term care, and what is the impact on quality, outcomes, access, cost, and use?
  • Markets. How are markets structured, and what is the impact on quality, outcomes, access, cost, and use?
  • External factors. How do external factors (for example, legal, regulatory, and demographic factors) affect health care markets and delivery systems?

In pursuing data development activities, CDOM focuses on State-level data, patient-level encounter data, and market-level data. Special attention is paid to building national, State, and market-level capacity for studying priority populations such as minorities, women, and children. CDOM also supports and develops a small but growing menu of user-friendly tools to help translate data into meaningful information that policymakers can use to assess the impact of past health decisions, and to guide the direction of future decisions to improve patient care.

Projects include:


Director: Irene Fraser
Roxanne Andrews
Cindy Brach
P. Hannah Davis
Jan De La Mare
Anne Elixhauser
William Encinosa
Stacy Farr
Bernard Friedman
Michael Hagan
Michael Harrison
Fred Hellinger
H. Joanna Jiang
Peggy McNamara
Pamela Owens
Dina Moss
Ryan Mutter
Mamatha Pancholi
Brent Sandmeyer
Jenny Schnaier
Carol Sniegoski
William Spector
Claudia Steiner
Carol Stocks
Celeste Marie Torio
Herbert Wong


You can reach the Center for Delivery, Organization, and Markets (CDOM) at:

Center for Delivery, Organization, and Markets (CDOM)
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
540 Gaither Road, Suite 5000
Rockville, MD 20850
Phone: (301) 427-1410

Current as of July 2012

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