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Cancer Screening and Prevention: Quick Guide to Healthy Living

You can take steps to lower your risk of cancer. Get tips and tools for prevention, and find out about important screening tests. ... Details >

National Health Information Center, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

7 Signs and Symptoms Not to Ignore  External Link

You already know that obvious symptoms, such as chest pain and severe abdominal pain, require immediate medical attention. But the not-so-obvious symptoms may leave you wondering whether you need to s... Details >

Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research  External Link

AICR's Foods That Fight Cancer™  External Link

Here is a partial list of the foods that the American Institute for Cancer Research gets asked about most often. Click on each one to learn what current science says about its potential role in cancer... Details >

American Institute for Cancer Research  External Link

Asian Pacific Islander Cancer Education Materials Tool  External Link

This tool provides links to participating Web sites that have Asian or Pacific Islander education materials on cancer. Readers may choose from the 19 Asian languages for the materials that have been ... Details >

American Cancer Society  External Link

Can Anal Cancer Be Prevented?  External Link

Many cases of anal cancer is unknown and some people with anal cancer have no known risk factors. Although it is not possible to prevent this disease completely, the risk of developing anal cancer can... Details >

American Cancer Society  External Link

Cancer and the Flu

Having cancer does not put you at an increased risk for getting the flu. It does, however, put you at an increased risk of complications from the flu virus. Get the flu vaccine. It is your best protec... Details >

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Cancer Clusters: FAQ's

How do I find out if a suspected cancer cluster is being investigated in my area? What can I do to reduce my risk of developing cancer? Read on to find the answers to frequently asked questions about... Details >

National Center for Environmental Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Cancer Fact Sheets: Prevention

This page links to National Cancer Institute fact sheets about cancer prevention. The fact sheets are frequently updated and revised based on the latest cancer research.... Details >

National Cancer Institute

Cancer Facts for People Over 50

Also available in: Spanish 

Cancer strikes people of all ages, but you are more likely to get cancer as they get older, even if no one in the family has had it. You can help safeguard your health by learning the warning signs of... Details >

National Institute on Aging Information Center

Cancer Information and Counseling Line  External Link

The Cancer Information and Counseling Line is a national toll-free telephone information line designed to help people with cancer and their families. Call 800-525-3777.... Details >

AMC Cancer Research Center   External Link

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