Your Medicare Coverage

Is your test, item, or service covered?

Preventive visit & yearly wellness exams

How often is it covered?

Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) covers:

  • "Welcome to Medicare" preventive visit: You can get this introductory visit only within the first 12 months you have Medicare Part B. This visit is covered one time. You don’t need to have this visit to be covered for yearly "Wellness" visits.
  • Yearly "Wellness" visit: You can get this visit if you’ve had Part B for longer than 12 months. This visit is covered once every 12 months.

Who's eligible?

All people with Medicare are covered.

Your costs in Original Medicare

You pay nothing for the “Welcome to Medicare” preventive visit or the yearly “Wellness” visit if the doctor accepts assignment. The Part B deductible doesn’t apply.

However, if your doctor or other health care provider performs additional tests or services during the same visit that aren’t covered under these preventive benefits, you may have to pay coinsurance, and the Part B deductible may apply.

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