Our vision is to continuously improve and update Data.gov with a wide variety of available datasets and easy-to-use tools based on your feedback.

Please note that requested datasets that contain sensitive information (e.g., personally identifiable information, national security), are limited by technology (e.g., not machine readable), or that do not belong to the Executive Branch of the Federal Government are not available on Data.gov.

We received approximately 900 suggested datasets from the time of the site launch in May 2009 through December 2009. Representatives from the identified Federal agencies reviewed the suggested datasets from the public. Their responses fell into four categories: 16 percent of the data is already published on Data.gov (Already Published), 26 percent of the suggestions can be published in the near future (Actionable), 36 percent of the suggestions could be published at a later date (Potentially Actionable), and the remaining 22 percent of the suggestions cannot be published due primarily to security, privacy, or technology constraints (Not Actionable).

Want to see more data on Data.gov? Please use the Dataset Suggestions form to tell us what is it.