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Prostate Cancer and ED

Thursday, September 27

Thursday, September 27

Major Cancer Protein Amplifies Global Gene ExpressionFrom the National Institutes of Health (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, National Cancer Institute)

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Wednesday, September 26

More than 400 new U.S. cases of West Nile virus emerged in the last week, in an outbreak that remains the second worst on record but has begun to show signs of slowing.
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Health Statistics, West Nile Virus

Researchers suspect stress hormone may play a role
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Divorce, Men's Health, Stroke

More diversity noted in tissue samples of healthy people, study finds
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Bacterial Infections, Cystic Fibrosis

Doctors sometimes miss the opportunity to better control their patients' high blood pressure, according to a new study.
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Blood Pressure Medicines, High Blood Pressure

Minimize nearby noise when possible
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Sleep Disorders

Remedy's effectiveness depends on the cause
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Cough

The number of Americans getting pacemakers implanted has risen in the past two decades - and the recipients are increasingly older and sicker, a new study finds.

New KneesVideo (HealthDay)
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Health Statistics, Knee Replacement

Studies found warning signs besides high blood pressure, diabetes

Large review found increased blood pressure, cholesterol levels and other forerunners of disease
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Heart Diseases, Obesity in Children

American Heart Association statement notes risk of depression, anxiety, PTSD

Smokers have worse outcomes after knee surgery than non-smokers, including less-complete healing and more surgical complications, according to a new analysis.
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Knee Injuries and Disorders, Smoking, Surgery

Health implications are unclear, researchers say

But people may resent the advice and limit visits with their physician
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Motor Vehicle Safety

Certain respiratory infections more common in urban than suburban infants, study finds
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Asthma in Children

Early introduction may lead to problem drinking in teen years, researchers say
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Parenting, Underage Drinking

Tuesday, September 25

Early research finds common strain on skin seeks out, destroys bacteria behind acne
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Acne

Report says significant changes needed to keep Medicare, Social Security healthy
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Medicare

Read food labels carefully
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Food Allergy

Gastrointestinal trouble, heightened sensory responses found in about one-fourth of kids
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Autism

More newborns admitted to ICU, more mothers had high blood pressure, study found

Thirty people in 19 states have fallen ill from Salmonella poisoning, probably from tainted peanut butter, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Tuesday.
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Salmonella Infections

Results may help explain racial differences in obesity rates
Related MedlinePlus Topics: African-American Health, Obesity in Children, Stress

Ragweed, mold most common allergens this time of year, experts say
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Hay Fever, Molds

Over $9 billion spent annually on the operation, researchers say
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Knee Replacement

People living in communities that lend themselves to walking had a significantly lower risk of developing diabetes than those living in the least walkable neighborhoods in a large new study from Canada.
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Diabetes, Exercise and Physical Fitness

Monday, September 24

Players' heart rates rose and they used more energy than with sedentary games
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Exercise for Children, Teen Health

But real-world risk still is low, experts say
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Antibiotics, Children's Health, Crohn's Disease

Study suggests the power that comes with authority keeps anxiety at bay
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Anxiety, Stress

Growth levels off much sooner in non-human primates, study found

Pediatricians reaffirm warnings, cite severe injuries to kids
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Child Safety, Injuries

Genealogy records from Korean dynasty show about 15 years of extended life span
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Men's Health

Research involving 348 tumors shows the disease is varied, but also points to treatments
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Breast Cancer, Genes and Gene Therapy

Women who underwent genital cutting as young girls may be at increased risk of physical, sexual or emotional abuse from their husband, a study of women in Mali suggests.
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Domestic Violence, Sexual Problems in Women

Creative suggestions for healthier meals
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Nutrition

Precautions before they begin
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Exercise for Children

Teenage girls looking for birth control should be encouraged to consider the long-lasting "set and forget" methods, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG).
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Birth Control, Teenage Pregnancy

Look Inside Food Deserts (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

NIH Launches Trial for Rare Degenerative Muscle Disease TreatmentFrom the National Institutes of Health (National Institutes of Health, Clinical Center, National Human Genome Research Institute)

Older Adults Are Actively Aging! (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Marijuana use on the rise, however, survey finds

Majority seem to be 'taking medications we have very little evidence for,' doctor says
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Autism, Children's Health, Medicines

Scam Alert: Beware of Bogus FDA Agents (Food and Drug Administration)

Health providers should screen all adults and pregnant women for risky drinking habits, a government-backed expert panel said Monday in new draft recommendations.
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Alcohol, Health Checkup

Finding offers insight into causes of disease that kills several hundred men in US each year
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Genes and Gene Therapy, Male Breast Cancer

Trampoline SafetyVideo (HealthDay)
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Child Safety, Sports Safety

Seniors in the U.S. are prescribed at least one antibiotic each every year, on average - but the rate of prescribing varies quite a bit across the country, a new study finds.
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Antibiotics, Seniors' Health

Obstetricians should take history of premature birth into account, study suggests
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Health Problems in Pregnancy, Premature Babies

Regular health visits needed to monitor for late effects, researchers say
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Cancer, Teen Health

Sunday, September 23

Study Reveals Genomic Similarities between Breast Cancer and Ovarian CancersFrom the National Institutes of Health (National Cancer Institute, National Human Genome Research Institute)

A new virus belonging to the same family as the SARS virus that killed 800 people in 2002 has been identified in Britain in a man who had recently been in Saudi Arabia, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said on Sunday.
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

Saturday, September 22

Women hesitant to marry have much higher rate of divorce, study finds
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Divorce, Family Issues

FDA Looks for Answers on Arsenic in Rice (Food and Drug Administration)

Better diet, fitness reported among those who feel in control of their destiny
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Healthy Living

Friday, September 21

But isolating peers or spreading rumors can have real consequences, expert says
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Bullying, Teen Mental Health

Common painkillers like ibuprofen and naproxen are considered risky for people who've had a heart attack. And now a large study suggests those risks do not go away with time.
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Drug Safety, Heart Attack, Pain Relievers

As Americans debate what is most to blame for the nation's obesity epidemic, researchers say they have the strongest evidence yet that sugary drinks play a leading role and that eliminating them would, more than any other single step, make a huge difference.
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Carbohydrates, Child Nutrition, Obesity in Children

Many popular films use death as plot device even though survival is much improved, researcher says
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Cancer

Adding a couple of servings of milk or yogurt to your daily diet probably won't help you drop any pants sizes, according to a new analysis of past studies.
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Nutrition, Weight Control

Dark Matter DNA Active in Brain during Day - Night CycleFrom the National Institutes of Health (National Institute of Child Health and Human Development)

Damage to spinal cord in 17 percent of cases among military personnel in Iraq, Afghanistan

Small study suggests potential new option one day in treatment of the blood disease
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Bone Marrow Transplantation, Sickle Cell Anemia

Here are potential sources
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Lead Poisoning

Eliminate sources of pollution
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Indoor Air Pollution

Hospital shootings are rare events and very hard to predict, according to a new analysis of shootings over the past decade.

'XMRV' also once thought to cause chronic fatigue syndrome
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Prostate Cancer, Viral Infections

Egg cells can repair themselves from damage caused by radiation far better than doctors ever thought, a finding researchers say gives fresh hope in protecting women undergoing cancer therapy from infertility.
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Female Infertility, Menopause, Radiation Therapy

Differences in salt consumption, hormone levels may play a role, researchers say

Study found those who struggled with insomnia were twice as likely to have resistant hypertension
Related MedlinePlus Topics: High Blood Pressure, Sleep Disorders

Related MedlinePlus Topics: Health Statistics, Suicide

However, the trend is seen mostly in developed countries, researcher says
Related MedlinePlus Topics: After Surgery, Anesthesia, Surgery

Some symptoms aren't as obvious as hives, puffy eyes or rash, researchers say
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Food Allergy, Health Disparities

Vaginal Delivery Safe for Head First Births Before 32 WeeksFrom the National Institutes of Health (National Institute of Child Health and Human Development)