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Welcome to the NIH's Bioethics Resources on the Web! Bioethics Resources on the Web provides a compilation of web links to information of potential use and interest to diverse audiences—biomedical and behavioral researchers, health care professionals, research participants, patients and patient advocates, students and faculty in different disciplines, and the general public. With the aim of helping individuals and groups explore the vast array of issues in bioethics, the information accessible through this portal spans a wide range of topics, including human subjects and animal research, institutional review boards (IRBs; also known as research ethics committees), clinical ethics, international research ethics issues, genetics, and neuroethics, among others. Teaching materials (including case studies and curricula), conferences and events, journals in the field, and academic centers and institutes in bioethics are just a few types of the information accessible through this site, which also provides links to information about bioethics initiatives at the institutes and centers of NIH and other government agencies. For beginning students, as well as more experienced professionals and laypeople, Bioethics Resources on the Web offers easy access to key documents and references in the field.

Bioethics and the NIH

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bullet Academic Centers and Education
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Specific Topics

Research Ethics
bullet Human Subjects Research / IRBs
bullet Responsible Conduct of Research
bullet Privacy
bullet International Issues
Conflict of Interest
bullet Use of Human Tissue
bullet Neuroethics
bullet Stem Cell Research
bullet Laboratory Animal Care and Use

bullet Genetics/Genomics
bullet Gene Patenting
bullet Genetic Testi77 / Counseling
bullet Gene Therapy / Gene Transfer

Medicine and Health Care
bullet Biotechnology / Pharmacogenetics/Personalized Medicine
bullet Ethics and Clinical Trials
bullet Culture, Diversity & Health Disparities
bullet Public Health Ethics
bullet End-of-Life / Palliative Care

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Users of Bioethics Resources on the Web should keep in mind that this compilation of web links is not exhaustive. Developed for informational purposes only, it does not constitute legal advice on the laws, regulations, or guidelines of any jurisdiction, nor does it serve as an endorsement of the information provided by linked sites. The site is maintained by the Office of Science Policy, Office of Biotechnology Activities, NIH (, which welcomes suggestions for links to other useful web sites and comments on user experience. Please send suggestions to

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