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Connecting America through Coins

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Artists are an indispensable part of the coin production team at the United States Mint. Meet the talented artists who design and engrave the coins and medals of the United States of America.


Sculptor-engravers create designs and sculptural models for the production of coins and medals. They are based at the Philadelphia facility.

Artistic Infusion Program Artists

Beginning in 2003, the United States Mint began developing a pool of talented, diverse American artists called the Artistic Infusion Program (AIP). AIP artists are called either Master Designers or Associate Designers. Both groups have submitted designs for many recent coins.

United States Mint Sculptor-Engravers

United States Mint Sculptor-Engravers

Thirty billion, give or take a few
...that's how many coins the United States Mint can produce in a single year. The actual number fluctuates, however, depending on the year's demands.

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