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Welcome to the Green Button!

Green Button Initiative

The Green Button initiative gives utility customers easy access to their electricity usage data. This data is provided as a text file in a format that is standard across multiple utilities. This data file can then be shared with third party developers who can provide valuable context, analysis, and other functions based on that usage data. About 10-12 million customers (commercial and residential) currently have access to their data in this format, and 20-30 million are expected to have access by the end of 2012. Find out more about the Green Button from the White House and at the Department of Energy’s

Learn more here:

This is a growing market and the government wants to jump-start the development of apps that can consume Green Button data with an upcoming Apps for Energy challenge.

Green Button is live in California

If you live in California, you may already be able to use Green Button data. Connect to your local utility to find out more.

Later in 2012, the Green Button will also be available to customers of Southern California Edison, Glendale Water and Power, Oncor, and PEPCO Holdings.

Apps Using Green Button Data


Best Student App Grand Prize
The app provides several games based on the "shape" of your data, and provides creative comparisons to illustrate your usage, like how many cheeseburgers worth of energy you used last Tuesday from 5-6 pm.


EcoDog Green Button Tool
San Diego Gas and Electric customers can download green button data in a format that can be used for energy evaluation and analysis.

Energy Insight

Energy Insight
Analyses and presents your energy data in easy-to-understand charts that can be sorted over time. This displays your energy information in a tabular summary report.


Analyses historic energy use data from your meters.

Genability Explorer

Genability Explorer
Makes the robust functionality of APIs at on U.S. electricity tariffs available through a browser.

People Power

People Power 1.0
An iPhone and Android smartphone application that helps manage your personal energy use to save money.


Helps you understand exactly where to save money and energy to avoid high energy bills.

Simple Energy

Simple Energy
A social and simple way to save energy and earn points on a team and state-wide leaderboard.