Biography - Edward Winstead


Edward WinsteadEdward “Ted” Winstead has written about genes and genomes for more than a decade. He joined the NCI Cancer Bulletin in 2005 after being a reporter for the Genome News Network, where he first wrote about many tools now used in cancer research. Ted is a graduate of the Writing about Science program at Johns Hopkins University and a proud member of the NIH Bicycle Commuter Club

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Selected articles:

Genome Study Points to Treatments for High-Risk Form of Childhood Leukemia

As Patient Navigation Expands and Evolves, Nurses Assume Many Roles

Searching for Clues to Obesity among the Body's Many Microbes

After DES: Tracking the Harms of a Prenatal Drug Exposure

Perfect Match: Unraveling the Origin of XMRV

Spokes of Hope: Surviving Cancer and Riding On (NIH Plain Language Gold Award 2011)

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