Neuroscience Consortium

Neuroscience Consortium

What We Do:

The mission of the NIDA Neuroscience Consortium is to provide a forum to facilitate the development of neuroscience research programs that bear on NIDA’s mission to understand, prevent, and treat drug addiction.

The Consortium membership consists of interested individuals representing all divisions and offices within NIDA, including divisions of basic, clinical, and epidemiological research, review and grants management branches, and policy offices. The Consortium achieves its mission by sponsoring invited speakers at the “cutting edge” of neuroscience research to inform programmatic decisions that set research priorities, organizing symposia and workshops for the scientific community, and providing information and resources at scientific meetings. The public is encouraged to contact the Consortium with ideas to promote the neuroscience mission of NIDA and to locate contacts among the program staff for the development of neuroscience research.

Research has clearly established that addiction is a brain-based disease. This knowledge guides NIDA’s Neuroscience research program, which focuses on the brain mechanisms that underlie drug use, vulnerability to addiction, and the consequences of drug use. A thorough understanding of the neural mechanisms that underlie such behaviors as impulsivity, learning, memory, reward responsivity, emotion and decision-making are critical for the development of effective treatments for drug addiction as well as effective prevention strategies. Consequently, the interests of the Neuroscience Consortium at NIDA embrace and draw from a broad range of areas of scientific inquiry. These include both human and non-human animal studies in basic and applied research in areas such as genetic, cellular, and molecular mechanisms, the delineation of neural pathways and neurotransmitter systems, and an understanding of relevant behavioral and cognitive processes.

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Questions? Contact Drs. Cathrine Sasek or Mary Kautz, Neuroscience Consortium co-Chairs.

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