Staff Listings

Office of the OSPC Director (OD)
Name Title Phone
Jack Stein, Ph.D. Director 301-443-6036
Carole (Niki) Andrews Program Analyst 301-443-6036
Holly Buchanan Program Specialist 301-443-6036
Geoffrey Laredo, M.P.A. Program Analysis Officer 301-443-6036
Lanette Palmquist, B.A. Program Analyst 301-443-6036
Fax Machine 301-443-6277
Public Information and Liaison Branch (PILB)
Name Title Phone
Carol Krause, M.A. Branch Chief 301-443-1124
Jan Lipkin Deputy Branch Chief 301-443-1124
David Anderson Public Health Advisor 301-443-1124
Elisabeth Davis M.P.H. Public Health Analyst 301-443-1124
Mark Fleming, M.A. IT Specialist (INET) 301-443-1124
Sheri Grabus Technical Writer/Editor 301-443-6245
Sharan Jayne Special Assistant 301-443-1124
Janet Linton, B.S. IT Specialist (INET) 301-594-6770
Brian Marquis, B.S. Program Analyst 301-443-1124
Joan Nolan Visual Information Specialist 301-443-6441
Stephanie Older Public Affairs Specialist 301-443-6245
Patricia Anderson Contractor 301-443-6441
Kim DiFonzo Contractor (Press) 301-594-8040
Aaron Martinek Contractor (Web support) 301-443-8098
Shirley Simson Contractor (Press) 301-594-8040
Hector Garcia HACU Intern 301-443-1124
Zofia Klowsowska NIH Management Intern 301-443-1124
Fax Machine   301-443-7397
Science Policy Branch (SPB)
Name Title Phone
Gayathri (Gaya) Dowling, Ph.D. Acting Branch Chief 301-443-6071
Ruben Baler, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator 301-443-6071
Ericka Boone, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator 301-443-6071
Usha Charya, B.A. Program Analyst 301-443-6071
Jessica Cotto, M.P.H Epidemiologist 301-443-6071
Genevieve deAlmeida-Morris, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator 301-443-6071
Jennifer Elcano, M.A. Lead Technical Writer\Editor 301-443-6071
Mimi Ghim, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator 301-443-6071
Juanita Nelson Program Assistant 301-443-6071
Michele Rankin, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator 301-443-6071
Cathrine Sasek, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator 301-443-6071
Jane Smither Program Analyst 301-443-6071
Nancy Soulen, J.D. Program Analyst 301-443-6071
Meena Karithanom Contractor 301-443-6071
Isabelle Thibau Intern 301-443-6071
Eric Wargo Contractor 301-443-6071
Fax Machine   301-480-2485


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