Staff Listings

Office of the DCNBR Director (OD)
Name Title/General Duties Phone
Frascella, Joseph, Ph.D. Director 301-443-4877
Usher, Barbara, Ph.D. Special Assistant to the Director 301-443-3203
Tucker, Carolyn Extramural Support Assistant 301-443-6001
Drott, Justin Extramural Support Assistant 301-443-3666
Behavioral & Brain Development Branch (BBDB)
Name Title/General Duties Phone
Boyce, Cheryl Anne, Ph.D. Branch Chief & Associate Director for Child and Adolescent Research 301-435-1070
Sirocco, Karen, Ph.D. Deputy Branch Chief 301-451-8661
Behavioral & Integrative Treatment Branch (BITB)
Name Title/General Duties Phone
Onken, Lisa, Ph.D. Branch Chief  & Associate Director for Treatment Research 301-443-2235
Aklin, Will, Ph.D. Program Officer 301-443-3207
Chambers, Jessica, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator 301-443-2237
Grossman, Debra, M.A. Project Officer 301-443-2249
Spitznas, Cecelia, Ph.D. Program Officer 301-402-1488
Clinical Neuroscience Branch (CNB)
Name Title/General Duties Phone
Grant, Steven, Ph.D. Branch Chief, Associate Director for Clinical Neuroscience Research 301-443-8869
Bjork, James, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator 301-443-3209
Gordon, Harold, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator 301-443-8856
Kautz, Mary Health Scientist Administrator 301-443-3206
Yu “Woody,” Lin, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator 301-435-1318

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