Science Policy Branch (SPB)

What We Do:

The Science Policy Branch provides scientific leadership and advice on a wide range of drug abuse research and policy issues. Specifically, SPB:

  • Identifies science policy issues and prepares analyses and briefing materials
  • Develops and/or reviews all materials for the public, including publications and other resources
  • Develops NIDA’s Congressional Budget Justification and testimony
  • Oversees the development of NIDA's strategic plans which reflect the Institute's scientific and programmatic priorities
  • Responds to inquiries from NIH, HHS, other Federal Agencies, Congress, and the White House
  • Coordinates NIDA's activities related to the National Drug Control Strategy
  • Coordinates NIDA's research training program
  • Supports NIDA’s science education program to provide educators with tools that can be used to effectively interest students in science and increase adult science literacy
  • Directs constituent relations with scientific, professional, and community-based organizations with an interest in drug abuse research and related issues
  • Coordinates NIDA's science meetings program
  • Conducts analyses of NIDA’s research grant portfolio
  • Serves as OMB Clearance Office for NIDA-sponsored data collections
  • Conducts evaluations of NIDA programs
  • Coordinates animal welfare-related activities

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