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Federal Data

FERC Natural Gas Storage

This website provides reports on and access to a public dataset of natural gas storage fields in the US. Projects that have filed applications with FERC to develop new natural gas storage fields are listed on the website.

NOAA Global Earth Observation — Integrated Data Environment (GEO-IDE)

This NOAA developed and managed website provides access to environmental datasets that are built upon common data standards and common data analysis technologies. Two applications available on the site are the RAMADDA Data Repository and the ERDDAP search tool that provides users with multiple ways to search for datasets that are pertinent to specific environmental data, location, temporal resolution, etc.

The Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI)

OSTI collections, preserves, and disseminates R&D results, including scientific research data, emanating from U.S. Department of Energy-funded projects at DOE labs and facilities, including DOE-funded grantees. Research data discovery tools DOE Data Explorer and Energy Citations Database are available providing users with metadata for DOE research dataset announcement notices.

U.S. Energy Information Administration

The Energy Information Administration is the statistical branch of the Department of Energy that collects and analyzes data on all energy resources and markets.

Non-Federal Data

California Appliance Efficiency Database

This database contains information on appliances that meet California’s energy efficiency standards. Searchable fields include appliance category, manufacturer, brand, model number, and energy performance. Efficiency data reported varies by appliance type (example: Heat pump(SEER and HSPF), Lighting products (lumens/watt), Fans (CMF/watt)).

California Commercial Energy End-Use Survey (CEUS)

This consultant report for the California Energy Commission presents the findings of a 2006 survey that was conducted to assess the utilization of energy by the commercial sector in the State of California. The report details the survey methodology, data collected, and modeling and simulations that were conducted on the data generated from the survey.

California Database for Energy Efficiency Resources (DEER)

The Database for Energy Efficient Resources (DEER) provides information on a comprehensive group of energy efficiency measures commonly installed in the residential and nonresidential market sectors. The database contains estimates of a measure’s natural gas and electrical gross impacts, incremental cost, and effective useful life. The savings estimates are based on either engineering calculations, building simulations, measurement studies and surveys, econometric regressions, or a combination of approaches. The DEER data serves as a starting point in the planning and forecasting of the impacts and cost-benefits analysis of energy efficiency programs in California. DEER datasets provide input data for running simulations on relative impact of technology implementation and scale of use in varying buildings or facilities. Accordingly the DEER database has datasets in varying temporal resolutions, multiple energy and resource units, and includes weather/climate related variables for technologies that are weather-dependent.

California Energy Consumption Data Management System

The California Energy Consumption Data Management System provides searchable dataset to highlight energy consumption (electricity and natural gas) by entity (utility type and sector), by county and sector, and planning area and sector. Data reported in million kWh and million of therms per year.

California Renewable Portfolio Standard-Eligible Investor Owned Utility Contract Database

This database provides information on each power plant that has submitted an application to CEC for RPS eligibility and signed a power purchase contract with an investor owned utility. Information is broken down by each contract, providing facility, developer, size, technology, location, delivery date, price, and CEC resolution information.

New York: Empire State Oil & Gas Information System

This website provided by the State of New York is an information system to search and map data on wells and drilling that has occurred in NY State. Also included are annual reports that summarize data, and information on revenue generated from oil and gas well leasing.

North Carolina Green Technologies Database

This website is sponsored by the North Carolina State Energy Office and municipal NGOs to support a database of projects that implement green building technology in their design. The database is sortable by technology/strategy type, location, building type, and is searchable by keyword.

NYSERDA Monitored Performance and Operational Statistics

This represents the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) monitored performance data and operational statistics for distributed generation/combined heat and power demonstration projects. New York state has 324 DG/CHP units running in their pilot program, with 173 providing monitoring date to the system. Monitoring data includes location, hourly generation data, equipment information, and fuel type.

General References

Building provides a searchable library of documents and resources to aid with building energy efficiency ratings and evaluation. A map of existing domestic and international policies provides links to pre-defined queries of local, state, and federal policy documents.

Carbon Cycle 2.0

The Carbon Cycle 2.0 website is a collaborative site generated by Lawrence Berkeley National Lab that provides a portal for consumers, researchers, and the general public to provide information on research related to energy and carbon emission reduction topics.

Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE)

DSIRE is a database of existing federal, state, and local incentives to implement energy efficiency and renewable energy technology for all 50 states, Washington DC, and US territories. DSIRE provides some data analysis (summary visualization) of incentives that are offered by federal, state, and local government entities.

Electricity Sector Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ES-ISAC)

The Electricity Sector Information Sharing and Analysis Center serves the electricity sector by facilitating communications between electricity sector participants, federal governments, and other critical infrastructures. It is the job of the ES-ISAC to promptly disseminate threat indications, analyses, and warnings, together with interpretations, to assist electricity sector participants take protective actions. (from ES-ISAC website) ES-IAC is maintained by NERC.

Natural Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC)

The NARUC website provides information on each state and territory’s public utility commission. Information on state-by-state public utility policy and NARUC policy that is intended for application across multiple states is provided on the website.

NERC Assessments and Tools

This site provides links to NERC’s assessment reports. Reports within this section provide information on electricity transmission infrastructure reliability under various scenarios (seasonal reliability, impact of variable generation), and the site describes software developed by NERC to analyze NERC datasets to plan projects and infrastructure management and upgrades.

NREL Energy Analysis Division

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s Energy Analysis division develops models and tools that aid with energy development planning and analysis. Tools and models provided or maintained by NREL Energy Analysis include Open EI (collected datasets), specific renewable energy technology analysis tools, economic benefit analysis tools, market analysis tools, and policy analysis tools.

NREL Renewable Energy Certificate and Green Power Markets

NREL’s Energy Market Analysis group has examined the dynamics and growth of renewable energy certificate and green power markets within the United State and internationally. Annual analyses reports and publications that have been generated since 2007 are posted on this website.

NREL Technology and Program Market Data

This website contains information generated by NREL’s Energy Analysis group on the market for various renewable energy technologies. Some technology reports are updated on an annual basis with the latest reports being published in 2009.

OMB Sustainability and Energy Scorecards

This website provides links to each federal agency’s sustainability and energy scorecard. The scorecard provides primarily qualitative information and some quantitative information on each respective agency’s progress in meeting their sustainability plans, required under Executive Order 13514.

US Department of Energy – Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy: National Weatherization Training Portal

The US Department of Energy’s Buildings site provides information on technical and financial resources and programs that contribute research and development into building energy efficiency and use of renewable energy technology on buildings. The buildings website provides links to the EERE Buildings Energy Data Book and a searchable publications library.