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Interactive applications that visually display large datasets provide a portal to explore data and make discoveries. Federal agencies collect information on energy production, use, natural resources, and energy infrastructure logistics and this data can be used to create calculators, interactive maps, and other applications that leverage this data. These applications provide user communities the ability to highlight the energy issues that are occurring within their communities, aid businesses plan and analyze their proposed projects, and provide a baseline for analyzing how energy resources can be most optimally and efficiently used.

This page highlights a few of these applications, including both web-based applications and mobile apps. When you click on the images or titles below, you will be leaving the website.

Mobile Apps

These apps are available on your mobile device, some are available in only a single format and others in multiple formats. Each icon links to the appropriate format when available. A “mobile web” app is designed for optimum use over your mobile device through it's built-in web browser.


Provides real-time air quality information that you can use to protect your health when planning your day.

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Alternate Fuel Locator

Find fueling stations for your alternative fuel vehicle on-the-go with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fueling Station Locator. Access Mobile Web


Calculate gas mileage (MPG), annual fuel costs, annual petroleum use, and the carbon footprint information for your car or truck. Access Mobile Web

Sustainable Facilities Tool

Identify and prioritize green building strategies to improve environmental and cost performance for small building projects. Download iOS App Download Android App Download BlackBerry App


Web Apps


Leafully monitors your energy usage with your local utility to help you understand how your actions impact the world and your wallet.

Electricity Data Browser

The Electricity Data Browser allows users to choose reports, which correspond to the chapters in the Electric Power Monthly, and view filtered datasets.

Visualization of United States EIA SEDS data

This dynamic chart lets you explore and visualize how much money is spent on energy in the U.S. and how much energy consumption is powered by renewables.

Energy Open Government Dataset Catalog

A searchable database of domestic and international open government datasets, including energy-related datasets.