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Visualizations of spatially–referenced energy data can provide insight into regional, industrial, and economic factors that influence energy consumption and generation across the United States. Federal agencies collect information on energy production, use, natural resources, and energy infrastructure and this data can be visualized in maps and other charts to show how energy is generated and consumed across the country and world. Maps of natural resources can also help energy project developers optimize the location of their project in order to reduce environmental risks.

The maps and visualizations on this tab are a small sample of the types of informative visualizations that can be created using data from the federal government and elsewhere. When you click on the images or titles below, you will be leaving the website.

Recovery Act: Federal Buildings Fund Investments

Map showing where American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds are used to convert federal buildings to high-performance green buildings and build new, energy-efficient federal buildings, courthouses, and land ports of entry.

Electricity Restructuring by State

Map showing the status of electricity deregulation and the implementation of retail electricity choice in the U.S.

Energy Consumption per Capita by State

Visualization of per capita energy consumption across all sectors of the economy for each state.

Energy Open Linked Data Visualizations

Energy use and generation visualizations produced by RPI’s Open Government Data Initiative.