Council Roster


Volkow, Nora D., M.D. 11/30/2013
National Institute on Drug Abuse
National Institutes of Health, DHHS
Bethesda, MD 20892-9581


El-Bassel, Nabila, D.S.W. 11/30/2014
School of Social Work
Columbia University
New York, NY 10025

Hart, Carl L., Ph.D. 11/30/2015
Associate Professor
Departments of Psychiatry and Psychology
Columbia University
New York, NY 10032

Howell, Elizabeth F., M.D. 11/30/2014
Associate Professor of Psychiatry (Clinical)
University of Utah School of Medicine
University of Utah Neuropsychiatric Institute
Salt Lake City, UT 84108

Jernigan, Terry L., Ph.D. 11/30/2015
Professor of Cognitive Science, Psychiatry, and Radiology
Center for Human Development
University of California, San Diego
La Jolla, CA 92093-0115

Kirk, Thomas A., Ph.D. 11/30/2014
Independent Health Care Consultant
Cheshire, CT 06410

Lenox, Robert, H., M.D. 11/30/2015
RHL Consulting, LLC
Biopharmaceutical Drug Discovery and Development
Harpswell, ME 04066

Lerman, Caryn E., Ph.D. 11/30/2013
Mary W. Calkins Professor
Department of Psychiatry
Director, Tobacco Use Research Center
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Lim, Kelvin O., M.D. 11/30/2015
Department of Psychiatry
School of Medicine
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Mason, Barbara J., Ph.D. 11/30/2014
Committee on the Neurobiology of Addictive Disorders
The Scripps Research Institute
La Jolla, CA 92037

Mayes, Linda Carol, M.D. 11/30/2013
Arnold Gesell Professor of Child Psychiatry, Pediatrics and Psychology
Yale Child Study Center
Yale University School of Medicine
New Haven, CT 06520

Nader, Michael A., Ph.D. 11/30/2015
Department of Physiology, Pharmacology, and Radiology
Wake Forest University School of Medicine
Winston-Salem, NC 27157-1083

Nestler, Eric J., M.D., Ph.D. 11/30/2012
Nash Family Professor of Neuroscience and Chair
Department of Neuroscience
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
New York, NY 10029-6574

Picciotto, Marina, Ph.D. 11/30/2014
Charles B.G. Murphy Professor in Psychiatry
Laboratory of Molecular Neurobiology and Pharmacology
Department of Psychiatry
Yale University School of Medicine
Yale University
New Haven, CT 06508

Rotrosen, John P., M.D. 11/30/2015
Department of Psychiatry
New York University School of Medicine
Department of VA New York Harbor
Healthcare System
New York, NY 10010

Sorensen, James L., Ph.D. 11/30/2012
Professor of Psychiatry
Department of Psychiatry
San Francisco General Hospital
University of California, San Francisco
San Francisco, CA 94110

Walker, Roger Dale, M.D. 11/30/2012
Professor of Psychiatry and Public Health and Prevention Medicine
Department of Psychiatry
Oregon Health and Science University
Portland, OR 97239-3098

Wolinsky, Steven, M., M.D. 11/30/2013
Division of Infectious Diseases
The Feinberg Medical School
Northwestern University
Chicago, IL 60611

Zubieta, Jon-Kar, Ph.D., M.D. 11/30/2013
Phil F. Jenkins Endowed Professor
Department of Psychiatry
Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience Institute
University of Michigan Medical School
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-0720

Executive Secretary

Teresa Levitin, Ph.D.
Office of Extramural Affairs
National Institute on Drug Abuse
National Institutes of Health, DHHS
Bethesda, MD 20892-9547

Ex-Officio Members

Collins, Francis S., M.D., Ph.D.
National Institutes of Health
Bethesda, MD 20892

Sebelius, Kathleen
Department of Health and Human Services
Washington, DC 20201

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