Issues in Genetics
Policy, legal and ethical issues in genetic research
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Teaching Health Law

Scales of justice Science and medicine are popular areas of interest, but blood and cadavers, or pipettes and centrifuges, discourage some potential doctors or scientists. Some students are using law school as a vehicle for engaging in health or science policy.

Learn more about this trend in a new article, Teaching Law Students to Be Policymakers: The Health and Science Policy Workshop on Genomic Research, by NHGRI's Benjamin E. Berkman and Karen H. Rothenberg. (Read the articlePDF file)

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NIH streamlines request process for aggregate genomic data

Read more NIH has created a new mechanism to streamline requests for aggregate genomic datasets. Now investigators can make a single request for controlled access to 14 aggregate datasets for general research use, a process that will enhance access to aggregate genomic data while maintaining research participant protections. Read more

Last Updated: July 30, 2012