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Person-Centered Approach

Person-centeredness includes, but is broader than, consumer-directed services.  Consumer-directed services is an example of a person-centered practice, in which the person manages his or her own services and supports. In the Program Design Choices section, we provide more discussion on including consumer-directed service options in an MLTSS program. 

MLTSS contractors may need direction and assistance with how to incorporate person-centeredness in practice.  For example, some states have required MLTSS contractors to train care coordinators and other key staff on person-centered approaches.  Your local Developmental Disabilities Council, Independent Living Center, or other community partners may be good sources for such training.  Also, some MLTSS contracts provide strong examples of how to incorporate specific expectations for person-centeredness into contract language. 

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Click the worksheet for key planning questions regarding a Person-Centered Approach. Worksheet 3.3


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