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Establishing Clear Goals

The first and most important step in developing your MLTSS program is establishing clear goals. What improvements are you trying to achieve?  Implementing an MLTSS program involves major systems change and must include participation of stakeholders in order to be effective. 

A critical foundation for your effort is knowing what you want to achieve and being able to communicate it clearly and consistently. Many stakeholders will assume that your state’s primary motivation is to cut costs, so it will be important to express a set of goals that address not only costs but also member experience, quality and system improvement.

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Once the goals have been established, you will want to complement them with measurable objectives that can be monitored over time. This will give you and stakeholders a way of assessing whether or not the program has achieved its goals over time.

You can use Worksheet 2.3 to help you think about your program goals. Click directly on the Worksheet to open it. Worksheet 2.3


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