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Sample Contract Language

Below are four examples of contract language, which highlight the varying approaches to enrollment in MLTSS programs.

  1. The first example is from the Massachusetts’ Senior Care Options program, which is a voluntary program that requires the contractor to assist the enrollee in obtaining a primary care physician (PCP) upon enrollment, conduct an initial assessment of the enrollee’s selection within 30 days, and conduct an annual evaluation of enrollee orientation activities.
  2. The second example is from the New Mexico Coordination of Long-Term Services (CoLTS) contract, which stipulates that the contractor is responsible for all medical conditions of new enrollees, specifying that it may not discriminate on the basis of health status, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.
  3. The third example comes from Pennsylvania’s Adult Community Autism Program (ACAP), which stipulates that all new enrollees must be given a program handbook and develop an enrollment agreement that meets certain specifications.
  4. The final example from Texas shows how some states require MLTSS contractors to use existing state assessment instruments.


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