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Monadnock Building

The Monadnock Building is a skyscraper in the south Loop community area of Chicago, Illinois. The north half of the building was built in 1891, and its decorative staircases were the first use of aluminum in building construction. The south half (pictured), constructed in 1893, is similar in color and profile to the original, but the design is more traditionally ornate. When completed, it was the largest office building in the world. The building was remodeled in 1938 in one of the first major skyscraper renovations. It was sold in 1979 and restored to its original condition. The north half is an unornamented vertical mass of purple-brown brick, flaring gently out at the base and top. The south half is vertically divided by brickwork at the base and rises to a large copper cornice at the roof. Projecting window bays in both halves allow large exposures of glass, giving the building an open appearance despite its mass. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1970. Modern critics have called it a "triumph of unified design" and "one of the most exciting aesthetic experiences America's commercial architecture has produced". (more...)

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Archway in the Palacio de Velázquez

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Harumafuji Kōhei

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October 1: Unification Day in Cameroon (1961); National Day in China (1949); Independence Day in Cyprus and Nigeria (both 1960), and Tuvalu (1978)

A Shinkansen 0 Series "bullet train"

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A primate with white fur, black face, and red eyes gripping a tree with both hands and feet in the foreground and green leaves in the background

The World's 25 Most Endangered Primates is a list of highly endangered primate species selected and published by the International Union for Conservation of Nature Species Survival Commission Primate Specialist Group, the International Primatological Society, and Conservation International. The countries with the most species on the list are Madagascar and Vietnam with five species each, and Indonesia with four species. The list has been published five times, with seven species appearing on all five lists: the silky sifaka (pictured), Delacour's langur, golden-headed langur, grey-shanked douc, Tonkin snub-nosed monkey, Cross River gorilla, and Sumatran orangutan. The two greatest threats that primates face are habitat loss and hunting. More specifically, threats listed in the report include deforestation, forest fragmentation, small population sizes, live capture for the exotic pet trade, and hunting for bushmeat and traditional medicine. (more...)

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Moon jellyfish

The moon jelly (Aurelia aurita) is a widely studied species of jellyfish found throughout most of the world's oceans. It is translucent, usually about 25–40 cm (10–16 in) in diameter, and can be recognized by its four horseshoe-shaped gonads, easily seen through the bell. It is capable of only limited motion, and drifts with the current, even when swimming.

Photo: Dante Alighieri

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