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SunShot, through the Solar Energy Resource Center, maintains a collection of resources on solar technologies and best practices to implement solar, both at the local level and with large-scale deployment. Resources include articles, case studies, fact sheets, how-to guides, model rules and ordinances, presentations, sample government documents, technical reports, tools, and webinars. 

These resources were developed by industry, local government, university, and national laboratory partners through the support of the DOE Solar Energy Technologies Program. The intent of providing these resources is to help accomplish the goals of the DOE SunShot Initiative

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Our community just added a dozen 240 watt panels to our courthouse annex.  I was planning on 240 watt max from the panels, but the inverters are of a lower wattage, 200.  Is this common across all applications?  


First, we recommend using a professional PV system designer and installer. If I understand the question correctly, the answer is yes, inverters are typically sized at 10-20% below the maximum capacity of the PV panel array. This is because a PV system rarely, if ever, operates at its maximum capacity because of clouds, temperature, dust, inverter efficiency losses, etc.

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