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Commit yourself to a healthier lifestyle with Check in each week, choose a team, and accept the challenge toward better health. Use the week to complete the challenge and come back the following Monday to see how your team did. A little healthy competition is good for us all!

This week's challenge:

Febreeze, please? Do some spring cleaning in your car to get rid of any smell of smoke. Feel free to toss out the ash tray and any cigarettes while you're at it.

When quitting smoking, it is important to replace things that you associate with smoking with new things that will motivate you to stay quit. This includes getting rid of the scent of smoke and replacing it with clean, fresh air. This will help to keep you on track.

Select your team:  

Team Scratch
Team Sniff

Already accepted this week's challenge?

Last week's challege:

Meet me, meatless. Have three meatless meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) with a friend this week.

Team standings:

Team Soybeans 76.92 PercentTeam Tofu 23.08 Percent