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Unit Plans

Browse lesson plans by subject area.

Educational units combine a variety of strategies and subject areas in order to introduce students to a common theme or topic.  To view a unit plan, simply click its title.

1. Ancient and Modern Coins
Description:  How often do children let their imaginations wander to adventures and far away times?  These moments in a child’s life and more can occur through the study of Greek and Roman mythology and history.  These ancient times can really come to life when you can hold in your hand or read about common artifacts from this time like coins.  Students are very familiar with money (coins) and this commonality can help them understand how their lives are similar to or different from times in ancient Greece or Rome.  Many symbols on the ancient coins can be found on U.S. coins.  Students can study the history and myths of these periods, and when they relate them to modern people and places, their lessons become even more real.  This unit incorporates all curricular subject areas.  It uses coins to help students explore ancient times and to relate their research to their own lives.
Grade Level(s):  3-5, 6-8
Subject Areas Addressed: Social Studies

2. Common Cents
Description:  This unit walks early elementary aged students through the basics of counting and using the smallest U.S. coin denominations (the penny, nickel, and dime).
Grade Level(s):  K-2
Subject Areas Addressed: Mathematics

3. What’s It Worth?
Description:  This is a highly hands-on coin unit for students in first and second grade.  Students play games and work with coin manipulatives to practice recognizing coins and values, finding coin combinations, and adding coin values.
Grade Level(s):  K-2
Subject Areas Addressed: Mathematics

4. Creative Coin Combinations
Description:  This unit focuses on counting coins and coin equivalencies up to fifty cents for grades K – 2, making use of a literature connection.
Grade Level(s):  K-2
Subject Areas Addressed: Mathematics

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