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Case 1: The Collection Inspection

One of Inspector Collector's young friends is putting his coin collection in order.  He has grouped the coins into popular kinds of collections and set up binders to keep them in.  Can you guess what the sets would be called?

Read the description of each set, looking for patterns.  After you guess what kind of set it is, click "Tell me what it is!" and you'll see the Inspector's answer.

Red coin album

This collection is filled with dozens of nickels that all look alike.  Thomas Jefferson is on the front (obverse) and his Monticello home is on the back (reverse).  In most cases, there are three nickels for every year included.  The three oldest coins are dated 1938, but only two have mint marks ("D" and "S").

Tell me what it is!

This album has only nine coins:  one penny, one nickel, one dime, five quarters, and one half-dollar.  Most of the coins have "P" mint marks; the rest have "D" mint marks.  All coins have a 1999 date.

Tell me what it is!

Purple coin album

Green coin album

There's lots of different coins in this album—pennies, nickels, dimes, half-dollars, and dollars.  Some are 100 years old; others are brand new.  There are many different designs and mint marks for each denomination.  For example, there are three nickels—Liberty, Buffalo, and Jefferson.

Tell me what it is!

Now you know about three kinds of popular coin collections.  But what should you collect?  Click here for some ideas!

Inspector Collector reads a folder

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