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More Sources of New Ideas for the Classroom

The Teachers section is not the only place where teachers can find great material to use in class.  Now any page on the United States Mint H.I.P. Pocket Change Web site may yield a fabulous lesson plan or classroom idea!

icon: Teacher Feature While traveling through this Web site, you may come across one of these snazzy apple icons.  By clicking on this icon, you will be taken to an activity that relates directly to the material you were just reading.  Teacher Features are a fun way to extend the learning of your students by simply building on what they have already read!

Of course, you can also reach any Teacher Feature through the Teacher Feature Stockroom!  The Stockroom holds all the site's Teacher Features, listed by subject area and title so you can find them easily.

icon: Coin Curricula Take a look around and you may also come across this Coin Curricula chalkboard, which is your connection to educational resources that relate to circulating coins.  When you click this icon, you will find Teacher Features, lesson plans, worksheets, and more!  It's your one-stop-spot for gathering materials that relate to these coins!

Or you can go directly to the Coin Curricula Center, where you'll find links to pages that cover each of the circulating coins.

Find out more... State Quarter Day! The icon on the left will take you to a page that explains what State Quarter Day in the Classroom is all about, and give you access to all the states' pages.

When you see this icon on one of the state-specific quarter pages under the 50 State Quarters Program in Coin News, clicking the icon will take you a State Quarter Day page for that specific state.

Either way, you'll find information that will help you learn about and plan for the arrival of each new quarter design.  You'll also find links to activities, lessons, informational pages, and even games to use with your students!

icon: Teachers Resource Center Speaking of resources, this icon will bring you to the Presidential $1 Coin Lesson Plan Resource Center.  There you'll find images of the coins suitable for display and coloring, links to government sites about the Presidents, links to the lesson plans, and overviews of the Mint Education Initiative, the Presidential $1 Coin Program, and the Presidential $1 Coin Lesson Plans.
icon: Music Plans Are you looking for a way to celebrate Music in Our Schools Month (March) or just some great music-related lessons?  Check out this collection on the Music Plans page!

Keep your eyes open for all the terrific H.I.P. Pocket Change features developed with you in mind!

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