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Case 3: A Cleaning Conspiracy
Green slime monster switching signs

Who said that was a good idea?!

Someone sneaked into Inspector Collector's study and stole his "Leave Coin Cleaning to Professionals!" sign.  In its place, the thief posted the following methods for cleaning coins at home.

Which of these methods can be used to clean a really grimy coin?  And which methods were put here to trick people into ruining their collectibles?

DON'T TRY any of these methods until you've clicked "But is it safe?!" and checked out the method.

Scrubbing powder and a brush
Scrubbing powder.  Because coins are metal, you can clean them with the same tools you use to scrub a dirty frying pan.  Sprinkle powdered cleanser on a scrubbing brush, and use it to whisk that dirt and grime away in no time!

But is it safe?!

Bare finger rubbing a coin
Bare fingers.  Take your fingers and rub them softly over the surface of the coin, making sure to wipe all parts of the design.  If you're having a hard time removing troublesome dirt, you can use potato-chip grease to help soften the grime.

But is it safe?!

Person expelling mouth moisture
Wet polish.  Use moisture from your mouth to get the coin good and wet, and then rub it clean using a wool sweater or some other textured fabric.  The saliva will polish the coin, making it nice and shiny.

But is it safe?!

Washing machine
Washing machine.  The way you clean clothes is also a great way to clean your coins.  To keep them from getting scratched, be sure to tuck coins in the front pocket of your jeans.  Don't let your coins go into the dryer, though.

But is it safe?!

Soap, water, and a coin
Soap and water.  After washing your hands with mild soap and water, lightly suds up the coin and rinse it.  Then, pat it dry with a soft towel, being careful not to rub the towel roughly against the coin's surface.

But is it safe?!

In the wrong hands, coin cleaning can be a dirty business.  You've learned what not to do.  But should you clean your coins?  Click here for an answer.

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