From Public Advocacy To Research Priorities, NHLBI Listens and Responds

The booklet provides a brief history of how the NHLBI has worked with public interest organizations (PIOs) over the years to develop and support research programs to address a wide range of diseases.

The NHLBI encourages input from PIOs in the belief that greater interaction with patient advocacy groups can have a favorable effect on the conduct of research. The Institute believes that increased collaboration with PIOs will benefit everyone involved.

  • For patients and their advocates, it provides firsthand knowledge of the state of the science and what is being done to alleviate their disease burden.

  • For the Institute, it helps in developing program goals and in getting information out to the public.

  • For researchers, it puts a human face to the diseases they study and improves their access to patients for clinical studies.

The booklet is available in the standard PDF file and a PDF file slightly modified for access by screen readers:

Standard PDF PDF file (5.2 MB, 36 pages)
Accessible PDF PDF file(5.5 MB, 36 pages)

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