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NLM Organization Chart

  • Office of the Director (1): Dr. Donald A. B. Lindberg
    NLM Board of Regents
    • Office of Administration: Todd Danielson
    • Office of Communications & Public Liaison (2): Kathleen Cravedi
    • Office of Health Information Programs Development (3): Dr. Michael F. Huerta 
    • Office of Computer & Communications Systems: Ivor D'Souza 
      • Applications Branch: Wei Ma
      • Systems Technology Branch: Ivor D'Souza
      • Medical Language Branch: Suresh Srinivasan
    • Division of Specialized Information Services (SIS): Dr. Steven J. Phillips
      • Biomedical Information Services Branch: Jeanne Goshorn
      • Biomedical Files Implementation Branch: Florence Chang
      • Office of Outreach and Special Populations: Janice Kelly
      • Office of the Disaster Information Management Research Center: Stacy Arnesen
    • Division of Extramural Programs: Dr. Valerie Florance
      Biomedical Library & Informatics Review Committee
    • Division of Library Operations: Sheldon Kotzin
    • National Network of Libraries of Medicine: Dr. Angela Ruffin
    • Medical Subject Headings: Dr. Stuart Nelson
    • National Information Center for Health Services Research & Health Care Technology: Lisa Lang 
      Literature Selection Technical Review Committee
    • Public Services Division: Martha Fishel
    • Bibliographic Services Division: David Gillikin
    • Technical Services Division: Jennifer Marill
    • History of Medicine Division: Dr. Jeffrey S. Reznick
    • Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications: Dr. Clement J. McDonald
      Board of Scientific Counselors
      • Clinical Trails: Dr. Beborah Zarin
      • Communications Engineering Branch: Dr. George Thoma
      • Computer Science Branch: Dr. George Thoma (Acting)
      • Audiovisual Program Development Branch: Anne Altemus (Acting)
      • Cognitive Science Branch: Dr. Oliver Bodenreider
      • Office of High Performance Computing and Communications: Dr. Michael J. Ackerman
    • National Center for Biotechnology Information: Dr. David J. Lipman
      Board of Scientific Counselors
      PUBMED Central National Advisory Committee
      • Computational Biology Branch: Dr. David Landsman
      • Information Engineering Branch: Dr. James Ostell
      • Information Resources Branch: Dr. Dennis Benson
  1. Assistant Director for Policy and Legislative Development –Jerry Sheehan
    Assistant Director for High Performance Computing and Communications -Dr. Michael J. Ackerman
    Assistant Director for Health Services Research Information –Lisa Lang
    Assistant Director for Applied Informatics - (Vacant)
  2. Includes Public Liaison Officer--Melanie Modlin
  3. Includes International Programs

Italic texts indicate connections to advisory committees