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Are your pants too short? Are you tired of being the tallest girl and taller than most of the boys? What is that fuzz over your lip—is it dirt? Is everyone calling you clumsy and klutzy because you trip over your big feet? Does your voice change in the middle of sentence—high one minute and deep the next? And, what is that smell? Are you embarrassed with all the things that are changing about you?

These are signs that you are in for BIG changes ahead. So buckle up, this is going to be quite the thrill ride. Some of these changes might bother you while others might make you happy. All in all, this—PUBERTY—is a natural and normal process—it's just your body doing what it's supposed to be doing! Your body is just preparing you to be an adult. Your body grows faster and changes more than in other time in your life except as a baby. And, everyone goes through it.

Check in with Daniel to find out what's what, and why.

Check in with Daniel
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