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Learn About Clinical Trials

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Basic to advanced information for all audiences about clinical trials. Learn about what clinical trials are, why they are important, and why people choose to take part. Also, learn strategies for educating others about the importance of clinical trials.

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Basic Information
Advanced Information
Tools for Community Outreach

Basic Information

Advanced Information

  • Cancer Clinical Trials
    A fact sheet that describes types of clinical trials, who sponsors them, how they are conducted, how participants are protected, and who pays for the patient care costs associated with a clinical trial.
  • Which Study Results Are the Most Helpful in Making Cancer Care Decisions?
    This article explains why a randomized, controlled clinical trial is considered the gold standard in cancer research.
  • Understanding the Approval Process for New Cancer Treatments
    A look at how the U.S. Food and Drug Administration relies on the results of clinical trials to ensure the safety and effectiveness of new cancer treatments before they go on the market.
  • Cancer Clinical Trials: The Basic Workbook
    Self-modulated resource is designed for individuals who want to develop a basic understanding of clinical trials. Each section is followed by an exercise or review questions. This resource is designed to complement the other materials in the NCI Clinical Trials Education Series.
  • Cancer Clinical Trials: The In-Depth Program
    Resource designed for health care professionals and others who seek a more in-depth understanding of clinical trials. This resource is designed to complement the other materials in the NCI Clinical Trials Education Series.
  • Cancer Clinical Trial Basics online course
    A Web-based course for individuals who have a limited clinical research background and are somewhat unfamiliar with the clinical trials process.
  • Donating Tissue for Cancer Research: Biospecimens and Biorepositories
    A fact sheet that describes the importance of biospecimens and biorepositories in cancer research, and NCI's efforts to increase the availability of high-quality biospecimens. Also explains how patients and others can help support research that uses biospecimens.

Tools for Community Outreach

  • Cancer Clinical Trials: A Resource Guide for Outreach, Education, and Advocacy
    Resource designed to help individuals and organizations find ways to participate and engage your community in clinical trials outreach and education activities. Includes worksheets and a Plan for Action to help both individuals and organizations plan outreach efforts.
  • Trainer's Guide for Cancer Education
    This guide is designed for both lay people and health professionals who conduct group-training sessions with community and scientific audiences. It offers practical suggestions for trainers to enliven training programs, encourage more active participation, and enrich the learning experience for everyone involved. Includes worksheets to help both individuals and organizations plan training programs.