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Teen Survival Guide

Healthy relationships

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Healthy relationships are fun and make you feel good about yourself. You can have a healthy relationship with anyone in your life—family members, friends, and the people you date. If you are unsure about a relationship in your life, check it out here by circling agree or disagree.

  • This person makes me feel bad about myself. Agree/disgree
  • This person makes most of the choices in our relationship. Agree/disgree
  • This person pressures me to do things I don’t want to do. Agree/disgree
  • This person isn’t willing to work through conflicts. Agree/disgree
  • This person bosses me around. Agree/disgree
  • This person loses her/his temper a lot and always blames me for things. Agree/disgree
  • This person says bad things about me and embarrasses me in front of other people. Agree/disgree
  • This person tries to keep me from spending time with my friends and family. Agree/disgree
  • This person uses drugs and alcohol and wants me to try. Agree/disgree
  • This person has pushed, grabbed, or touched me in a way that hurt or I didn’t like. Agree/disgree
  • This person does things that make me feel afraid. Agree/disgree

Agreeing with any of these points is a warning sign that you might be in an unhealthy—or even unsafe—relationship. Be willing to end the relationship if it can’t get better or doesn’t make you happy. Talk to a trusted adult if you feel afraid to leave the relationship.

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From: Maria (age 14), Providence, Rhode Island

My friends are talking about skipping school. I don't want to, but I'm afraid they won't like me anymore if I don't go along.

You should never be afraid of losing a friend because you say "no." Good friends should not give you a hard time for saying no. Also, if this group of friends is doing things that you don't feel right about, start hanging out with people you like and who also make smart choices.

Content last updated February 12, 2008

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