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Logo for PALA+ PALA+ Exit Disclaimer, a program of the President's Challenge, promotes physical activity AND good nutrition, because it takes both to lead a healthy lifestyle. Sign up Exit Disclaimer for the six-week program to help you maintain or improve your health. It's a great way to help manage and reach your health goals.

Activity Highlights

Participation in PALA+ is one way to get your recommended amount of daily activity and meet your healthy eating goals, from the Physical Activity Guidelines and 2010 Dietary Guidelines.

Physical Activity
A healthy life is an active life. The physical activity goals for PALA+ requires: youth (6-17 years old) need to be active at least 60 minutes a day (or 12,000 steps) and adults (ages 18 - 64) need to be active for 30 minutes a day (or 8,500 steps), for five days a week for six out of eight weeks. So take a walk with friends, bike ride after dinner, garden, or play a game of basketball at the park. Get your heart pumping and your muscles moving. When you've logged six weeks of physical activity, congratulations! You've started a regular routine for a more active lifestyle.
Good Nutrition
Start eating healthy. It's easier than you think! Take it one step at a time. The first week, you select and commit to one new healthy eating goal. The following week add a different goal – but make sure you continue to maintain your healthy eating goal(s) from the week(s) before. Focus on your healthy eating goals every week and remember, the more often you incorporate them into your lifestyle, the better you will feel. When you've achieved six different healthy eating goals, congratulations! You've started a routine for a healthier lifestyle.
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Start working on your PALA+ today and you'll be eligible to receive a free certificate signed by Council Co-chairs Drew Brees and Dominique Dawes!
Active Play PALA+ Challenge Exit Disclaimer
Logo for ESAThe Active Play PALA+ Challenge, a program with the Entertainment Software Association, highlights active video games as one way to help Americans lead more active lives. Through this innovative partnership, gamers can earn their PALA+ by logging their active video gaming activity online.

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Activity Log Online Exit Disclaimer
Create an online account at Exit Disclaimer. Participate as an individual or join a group (enter your group ID at the top of page, if applicable). Once you achieve PALA+, you're eligible to receive a certificate!
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Use this hard copy log to track your progress. Once completed, report your accomplishment and receive your certificate at Exit Disclaimer! Or, if part of a group, make sure to return it to your group administrator to get recognized.
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Usa esta hoja de registro para anotar tus avances. Cuando la llenes, informa tus logros y recibe su certificado en Exit Disclaimer. Si formas parte de un grupo, entrégale la hoja de registro al administrador del grupo para recibir tu certificado.