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NCBI Announcements

  • New version of Genome Workbench available

    06 Sep 2012

    An integrated, downloadable application for viewing and analyzing sequence data, the new version of Genome Workbench (2.6.0) has added features, improvements & bug fixes. For more information, see the Release Notes

  • NCBI's July Newsletter is on the Bookshelf

    13 Aug 2012

    Introduction to the 1000 Genomes Browser, PubMed's Citation Manager and Favorites Button, new and modified BLAST services, Rhesus macaque in HomoloGene, a request for comments on GRC's plan for a new human genome build, and more....

  • New Microbial BLAST Page

    28 Jun 2012

    Now easier to use and with the familiar format and features of the standard NCBI BLAST services, including auto-complete assist for entering text into the "Organism" box, the ability to include or exclude multiple taxonomic categories, and more....