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Kids' State Dinner Winners

Kids' State Dinner Winners

Falcon Wiles, age 9, Alabama: “Alabama's Yummy Summer Soup

Aaron Blust, age 9, Alaska: “Alaska Teriyaki Salmon Wrap

*Haile Thomas, age 11, Arizona: “Quinoa, Black Bean, and Corn Salad

Trey Sims, age 12, Arkansas: “Kickin' Chicken Salad

Sean Reichbach, age 9, California: “Sean's 3-Pepper Soup

Aidan Gould, age 12, Colorado: “Rainbow Salad with Black Beans, Homegrown Mint, and Lemon

Betsy DaSilva, age 10, Connecticut: “Heavenly Lunch Wrap

Jourdanne Latney, age 12, Delaware: “Stuffed Tomatoes

Ilianna Gonzales-Evans, age 11, District of Columbia: “Mexican Delight

Deborah Goncalves, age 12, Florida: “‘Triple F:’ Fake Fast Food

Haley Matthews, age 12, Georgia: “Stuffed Zucchini Boat

*Stefani Shimomura-Sakamoto, age 11, Hawaii: “Scrumptious Salmon Salad Lunch and Strawberryana Smoothie

Elena Guylay, age 11, Idaho: “Fiesta Casserole

Jonah Schaik, age 12, Illinois: “Jonah's Pesto Pasta

Alexander Aylward, age 8, Indiana: “Vegetable Quinoa Salad with Chicken

Ajani Patton-Imani, age 8, Iowa: “Yummy Corn Wraps

*Rori Coyne, age 12, Kansas: “Yummy Cabbage Sloppy Joes

Myka Smith-Jackson, age 8, Kentucky: “Perfect Curry Chicken Wraps

Michael Prados, age 12, Louisiana: “Fish Tacos

Annalee Carroll, age 12, Maine: “Turkey Dumplings

Samuel Hightower, age 10, Maryland: “Sizzling Tofu with Green Onions and Sugar Snap Peas

Rachel Goldsmith-Levitt, age 11, Massachusetts: “Tapenade and Goat Cheese Sandwich

Avery McNew, age 8, Michigan: “Apple Oat Balls

Riley Sorensen, age 12, Minnesota: “Stuffed Red Peppers and Banana Oat Stacks

Linda Martinez, age 12, Mississippi: “Mississippi Tacos

Kyle Moore, age 12, Missouri: “Chicken Spinach Pasta

Kayla Wayman, age 9, Montana: “Kayla's Garden Chicken Pizza

Aaron Beckman, age 8, Nebraska: “Apple Alien

Alexea Wagner, age 9, Nevada: “Vegan Sloppy Joes

Ella Barrett, age 8, New Hampshire: “Black Bean and Avocado Burrito with Pineapple Salsa

Tarteel Idais, age 9, New Jersey: “The Golden Plate

Emma Kenney, age 9, New Mexico: “Baked Chicken Wrap with Nectarine Avocado Salsa

*Samuel Wohabe, age 9, New York: “Fish Fueled Pepper Rocket with Kale Chips and Quinoa

*Sydney Brown, age 11, North Carolina: “Sydney's Homerun Meatloaf Burger and Baked Zucchini Fries

Logan Rosene, age 8, North Dakota: “Logan's Favorite Turkey Vegetable Soup

Esther Huh, age 11, Northern Mariana Islands: “Pitaya Healthy Salad

Logan Kendall, age 11, Ohio: “Shredded Veggie Wrap

Harrison Booker, age 9, Oklahoma: “Power Pesto Pasta

Robert Robinson, age 9, Oregon: “Veggie Pizza

Evan Clark, age 9, Pennsylvania: “Falafel Wrap

Ariana Lugo, age 9, Puerto Rico: “Sushi for Kids

Caroline Cowart, age 12, Rhode Island: “Broccoli and Cheese Egg White Omelet

Lauren Kuperman, age 12, South Carolina: “Fun with Lunch

*Eva Farley, age 8, South Dakota: “Miss Kitty's Egg Salad Sensation

Logan Guleff, age 9, Tennessee: “Tuna Schooners

Michael Lakind, age 9, Texas: “Bunny Bisque and Secret Service Super Salad

Lahav Ardi, age 9, Utah: “Lentil Veggie Soup

Laura Printon, age 9, Vermont: “Backyard Garden Salsa Tortillas

Gabriel Reed, age 11, Virgin Islands: “Vegetarian Lasagna

Madeleine Steppel, age 9, Virginia: “Fish Chowder

Arla Sutton, age 9, Washington: “Salad Noodle Wraps

Alexis Nelson, age 10, West Virginia: “Golden Moroccan Butternut Stew

Finwe Wiedenhoeft, age 9, Wisconsin: “Barbecue Cheddar Chickpea Burgers

Grace Ratchford, age 12, Wyoming: “Macaroni Casserole

*Recipes served at the Kids' State Dinner