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The PIO Bulletin Board - Let’s Stay in Touch!

The PIO Bulletin Board is an electronic version of what you might see in a fire camp - a place where you can obtain current information that will help you in your job. It’s hosted by the NIFC External Affairs staff. You’ll find documents that we hope will assist you including the latest updates on policy, answers to common questions, general guidance, national themes and a bunch of links that will help you quickly get the information you need.

Another goal of the PIO Bulletin Board is to provide consistency in what we’re saying across the country and among the agencies.

If there’s a topic or a question that you’d like an answer to, please get in touch with one of the EA people here and we’ll take a crack at answering it and posting it on the PIO BB. Also, if you have a document that you’d like posted, ship it our way. Just get in touch with one of your agency counterparts here (there’s a roster under “Contacts,”) or you can call the NIFC Information Hotline at 208-387-5050.

This is always going to be a work in progress, but we are committed to helping you the best we can.

Questions? Send them our way. Comments and suggestions? Same thing.

Thanks ... and let’s stay in touch!

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