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Welcome to the NIH Mouse Initiatives Web site.

In March 1998, the NIH convened a group of scientists to develop priorities for mouse genomics and genetics resources. In response to the community's recommendations, the NIH has created a Trans-NIH Mouse Genomics and Genetics Resources Coordinating Group and a strategic implementation plan. For the convenience of all interested investigators, we have established this Web site as a central information resource. This site will provide information about funding opportunities; major mouse genomics and genetics resources; policies affecting resources; courses and scientific meetings related to the mouse initiative; and selected reports and publications. When appropriate, items not in response to the initiative, but which are deemed relevant to the initiative, will be posted. Posting decisions are made by a sub-committee of the Trans NIH Genomics Resources Working Group.

Suggestions for improving the Web page and for items to include are most welcome. We want this page to serve your interests. Comments may be relayed to Bettie Graham at .

Co-Chairs, Trans NIH Genomics Resources Working Group:

James Battey, MD, PH.D
Director, National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders

Jane Peterson, PH. D
Associate Director, Division of Extramural Research,
National Human Genome Research Institute

Photo Credit:
Stanton K. Short
Scientific Services Manager
Multi-Media Services
The Jackson Laboratory